About us

TMTV serves as the most reliable network educating immigrants throughout the globe and providing them with guidance. TMTV has conducted its educational activities on immigration issues since its foundation in 2012. Upon its launch, TMTV established itself as the only satellite channel solely focused on producing and broadcasting high-quality educational programs on business and immigration matters. In addition to educational programs broadcasted on TMTV, we have held annual educational seminars on immigration issues. In these annual seminars, the most active providers of immigration services have been invited and information and experience have been exchanged between experts and applicants in an authentic manner. For this reason, TMTV has grown to become a trusted companion many Farsi speaking applicants turn to in making their critical life decision.

TV Programs

TMTV programs can currently be watched through the following means:

  • Satellite Channel (You can watch TMTV programs 24/7 through the following satellite channel and frequency)

YAHSAT Direction: 52 | FREQ: 10845 V | SYMBOL RATE 27500 | FEC 2/3
Eutelsat 7b: FREQ: 11324 V | SYMBOL RATE 29700 | FEC 2/3
NEW Eutelsat: 11304 H | SYMBOL RATE 29700 | FEC 2/3
GLWIZ: Channel 116 

  • Online Websites (TMTV programs are also accessible 24/7 through the following online websites)

GLWIZ (click here)

Iranproud (click here)

  • Social Media (Some programs can be watched live on Facebook from time to time through the following Facebook account)

Facebook (click here)

Interested individuals can also follow important news on TMTV’s activities through the following telegram channel:

TMTV1 (click here)

Instagram (click here)

Stream Live(click here)